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My capstone client is Kindra Lillie, founder of, The Wrath Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that aids in helping battered women. W.R.A.T.H. stands for, Women Rising Above The Hurt. Kindra Lillie was once a victim herself, which is why she was led to start the foundation to help other women in similar situations.  Her primary target market is women 18 and above who have been or currently in abusive situations. This includes women, single, married, mothers, etc... Her services include shelter, financial assistance, onsite therapist, and a wide range of resources.



Women Rising Against The Hurt was founded on the basis of ushering survivors through their battles with finding a place of solace. Often times women take a pause in the area of being able to find their peace and healing. The goal of WRATH is to build solidarity amongst a sisterhood of like-minded women…in hopes of aiding one another to achieve our goals. Women Rising Against The Hurt has become a mantra amongst all within our organization. It is the purpose and passion of everyone involved that victims and survivors alike are welcomed into nurturing and safe environments when escaping their situations.  The goal is to take our convictions and beliefs and turn them into action.

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Capstone Project Pitch 

On January 9, 2021, Kindra Lille of The WRATH Foundation, a local non-profit organization for battered women will be hosting her first annual conference via ZOOM and streamed Live on Facebook at 2PM CST. This event will be life-changing and will bring awareness to the different forms of abuse that many are not aware of and have no idea that they are a victim.


This event will not only inspire but will also educate women of all ethnicities and bring awareness to a subject that is not often discussed. The panel will include: Owner and Founder of The WRATH Foundation, a licensed Therapist, a past victim sharing her story, an educator on abuse, and a speaker sharing on self-love.


I truly loved your recent interviewed that aired live on Jiles Cook, the young author who recently wrote a book titled, Never Give Up. It was such a blessing to hear what inspired his story and witness someone so young sharing his journey.


Just like Jiles, we would like to encourage these women to do the same, never give up! I think it would be a wonderful opportunity if we could get the founder on your segment and possibly the panel to briefly speak on the different forms of abuse and bring awareness to the community in hopes of saving more women from situations that they are silently suffering in. It is my belief that during these trying ties, this is a message that needs to be heard by millions. We never know whose life we are saving or touching by just sharing our story.

Press Release




Women Rising Against The Hurt


Dallas, Texas- October 11, 2020- in honor of Domestic Violence month, The WRATH Foundation will be hosting its first annual conference via ZOOM, January 9, 2020, at 7 PM CST. Domestic violence is so much more than a black eye. The image store mentally is of a woman being physically beaten. This conference is to educate and bring awareness of the different forms of abuse.


The founder, Kindra Lillie was once a victim herself, she went from silently hurting to now thriving as she has created an organization to help women and their children who are suffering in silence and afraid to leave a situation that’s bringing them more harm than good.


Since the stay-at-home order has been in place, the increase in numbers has tripled for battered women. Abuse can also be mental. Emotional, and financial. This conference will be an eye-opener for many that are in abusive situations and not aware that they are being abused because they do not know the signs.


“Love Doesn’t Hurt”

     Kindra Lillie


The Wrath Foundation originated out of Dallas, Texas offering financial assistance, shelter, and other resources for battered women. To learn more about this free life-changing event please contact:



Rare PR Firm

Amara L. Russell

Ph: 469-608-1504



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