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Rare PR Interviews Kindra Lillie, Owner of Non-Profit Organization, THE W.R.A.T.H. Foundation

Women Rising Above The Hurt


RPF: Kindra, it’s truly a pleasure! Where are you from?

Dallas, Texas

RPF: What were you like as a child?

I was very reserved as a child. People often thought my

mom had one daughter instead of two because I was all about

home, school, church, and work when I came of age.

RPF: Sounds like you were about your business even as a young child. Love it!! The new non-profit you started, The W.R.A.T.H. Foundation, how did it come about?

The WRATH Foundation was founded due to my passion for

helping others. I have always had a spirit of giving, and being a survivor of domestic violence myself, creating a platform to usher other women out of their situation and into a safe space just made sense.

Photo Credit: Claudia Wolff from Unsplash

RPF: So many women are silently living this nightmare and afraid, ashamed, or too embarrassed to seek help. What you’re doing is amazing! I love your logo by the way, it speaks volumes! How has helping other women changed your life?

Thank you so much! The work we are doing through The WRATH Foundation is one of

The most challenging and rewarding jobs I’ve ever endured. It has given me purpose and drive to take this organization to heights unknown.


RPF: This is my favorite part; I love learning new things about my clients. Please Share a Rare “Fun Fact” about yourself.

A fun fact about me would be my love of singing. I’m no professional, but when I’m in the car with the windows rolled up

you can’t tell me that! lol

RPF: We’re going to have to do a live so we can hear those vocals. LOL. I’m sure you have a beautiful voice!

More on The W.R.A.T.H. Foundation

RPF: Anything you would like to communicate to the community and please let women who are in need of your services know how you can help them.

If I could reach out to anyone that will listen in our community, I would tell them to do their research and realize how great the need is for organizations like The WRATH Foundation. Domestic violence is indeed and epidemic plaguing out nation, and it is going to take the help of more people than I can mention to even tackle the tip of this iceberg. With the commitment and support of our community, we will be able to house qualifying women in need and provide them with programs that will enable them to start over with a new and improved life.

Photo Credit: William White from Unsplash

RPF: For someone who’s been in an abusive relationship or currently in one, what would you like to share with them at this moment?

Get out! Don’t wait until your situation progresses, because in most cases, women don’t survive. Seek refuge where you can and call on outside resources for assistance. That’s what our organization is for. If you have already made it out but are confused on where to turn next, first congratulations. Now reach out to The WRATH Foundation, or any organization that can aid in your next steps and seek help.

Photo Credit: Sydney Sims from Unsplash


RPF: Many have dreams, any advice and/or encouraging words on how to give those dreams life?

Stay diligent when trying to bring your dreams into fruition. With hard work and dedication, you can absolutely do anything you set your mind to.

RPF: And you have proven that! Thank you for helping women cry out loud. I pray that your Foundation is blessed and that women who are in an abusive situation, physically, mentally, or emotionally will contact your foundation for help, that Sponsors will find it in their hearts to sponsor, and that donations will overflow for this great cause. Where can I donate?

I’m glad you asked…

Kindra Lillie

Owner of The W.R.A.T.H. Foundation

Donations can be made @

To Contact Kindra Lillie- Email:


Facebook: https.//

Instagram: @i am w.r.a.t.h.

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