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Your Biggest Supporters are the People You Don't Know

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

As a small business owner, how many times have you said or wondered why those closest to you don’t support you? That being family, friends, or your social click…

Photo Credit: Brandy Kennedy

It hurts and it’s a hard pill to swallow, until wisdom and experiences teach you and you realize you’re not doing it for them. Your product and creativity is a God-given talent for an audience specifically handpicked for you that you'll have the benefit of growing yourself. Those are the supporters you want and it’s okay! They’ll come back over and over again because you have created something they like/love and enjoy. They will definitely spread the word to help you grow. It's a win win!

Can I share something with you? It’s not a bad thing that your family and friends don’t meet the expectation that you set upon them. They’re going to be happy for you, get excited with you, be your behind the scenes cheerleader, some may be inspired by you and that’s honestly all you need from them. Some may not even do that, but that’s OKAY! Support can come in different ways, such as: prayer, keeping you motivated, word of mouth, or just being the support you need when you feel like giving up. That's what family and friends do. Don’t allow negative thoughts to lead you into thinking that because they don’t buy from you or share your post on social media, that it means they don’t support you. Negative! Remember, support comes in many forms. You have target audience for that!

Photo Credit: Heidi Fin

As a consumer, I don’t know nor am I related to anyone on Amazon, who works at Smoothie King, Target, Walmart, the Mall, my online favorite stores, or any other place I shop, but I support them because they have products that I like. I’m a part of their targeted audience. They have things that appeal to me. And we’re not calling each other family or friend. Yet, they get my money often, I share on social media, I tell others about things I really like and have benefited from and I will continue to support their franchise or business. Just like your market audience will support you.

Photo Credit: Alex Bracken

So, don’t take it personal when family or friends are not living up to your expectation to support. It’s not their job! Find your target audience and cater to them. You have an entire market out there willing and ready to buy your products and tell the world about them and you. I always say, I want to get the attention of the people I don’t know! That’s who my products are for and when family and friends do support, that’s just an added bonus.

Now, stop complaining, stop getting mad at them, blocking them, and saying things like, “I supported them, how come they don’t support me?” My first question is, were you only supporting them so that one day they would support you? Check your heart and be careful of the words that you speak. Remember, support comes in different ways and some support in secret.

Now, get back to being a Boss Babe, build your empire, focus on your target audience and build, build, build and don’t forget to show your support whether you get it back in return or not. (Smile)

Photo Credit: Brandy Kennedy

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