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My Why! 

My love for people and passion to inspire and create has led me to being an award nominee author, faith based fictional writer, and reputable social lite.

Like many, we were born with dreams, goals, and aspirations, that live within us. Our job is to give those dreams life. The struggle is, we often don’t know how…

Who Am I?

I'm a Fort Worth native, oldest of one sibling, I have two adult children and an amazing grandson. I'm a recent graduate of Full Sail University, with a B.F.A. degree in Creative Writing and a Master of Arts degree in Public Relations. I’m a prolific writer who’s been fascinated with storytelling since the age of ten. I have a love for creating characters that are inspiring and relatable. I have written many articles, blogs, short stories, and scripts and have been featured in local magazines and newspapers. In 2020, I discovered a rare talent for film directing and producing. I directed and produced my first drama series,  Which is based upon my first novel published in 2016, A Rare Diamond, which won a global award. Check out A Rare Diamond - Mama, I Need You, S1E1 currently streaming on Amazon Prime. 


 I have also published a trilogy set to A Rare Diamond, a devotional titled, Nspired and I am a co-author of an Anthology, titled 20 Beautiful Women. Recently launched, The Rare Journal/Planner Collection. All can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or my online bookstore. When not working, writing, or growing my brand as an author. I can be found doing what I love most, seeking God through prayer, spending time with my significant other and family, or enjoying cooking, and inspiring others. 




amara russell

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