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I started writing at the age of ten. Storytime and essay writing was my favorite! I looked forward to testing only to write compelling and engaging essays. I had my first article published by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram when I was in the fifth grade. My passion for writing did not stop there. I connected with a Children’s Writing Institute at the age of thirteen and was assigned a Mentor, I then began learning how to edit my own stories and others, as my writing grew intensely. My passion for writing grew even deeper as I started producing short stories and plays for my friends at school. I would write two-three books a week and bind them, passing them out around high school, leaving my peers wanting more and conversing about the characters and how they could relate.


Becoming an Author and creating a brand that will turn into a successful business is a risk! You not only have to believe that what you have to offer will attract the right audience and sell, but you have to be willing to put in the work that comes with building a successful brand/business.

That comes with lots of prayer, knowledge, wisdom, strategic planning, and making sure you’re on the right path. The worse thing you want to do is start several projects just to make money, only to end up back where you started. If you’re going to take the risk, make sure what you’re doing is something you’re truly good at. Something that you love doing even in your sleep or not getting paid for, make sure you know your audience, and make sure that your product is going to benefit them.

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