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AJP Acting Bootcamp 2021

If you missed AJP Acting Bootcamp this past weekend, then you missed a treat! Rare PR was in the house and intrigued by the strategies and thought-provoking acting techniques created by the amazing Director, Writer, and Producer of the upcoming series titled B+LOCKED, and CEO of AJP, Ms. Anntreece Jones! Not only does this phenomenon write, direct, and produce, but she creatively prepares and teaches acting skills to her cast members. Very impressive!

Rare PR asked Anntreece where she learned those skills; humbly, she responded, "I taught myself through videos, reading, and watching other actors.

WOW, she's good! A total class act! You would've thought she'd taken a masterclass.

If you've ever acted, produced, or directed, then you know that acting is much more than just memorizing lines. You have to live, breathe, and understand the character you portray and what it takes to get into character. For some, its second nature, but it takes a lot work for those new to the scene!

Anntreece knows first-hand that skilled actors do so much more than memorize and deliver lines, which is why she put together a two-day Bootcamp to ensure that whoever attended would leave empowered and ready to perform in an instant on and off screen. Anntreece typically offers these Bootcamps to her cast members, but her creativity led her to do something a little different and open her doors to the public. If you had the opportunity to attend, you know that she showed up playing NO games; from 9AM-1PM, AJP brought the heat!

She definitely brought her A-Game and dug into the depths of every actor's soul. She equipped them with techniques to embody their characters by building their confidence and comfort levels as they transformed from self to character.

The Bootcamp weekend started with an Emotional Drill. This drill taught the actors how to build the character up to express emotions in a scene. The characters were tapping into deep emotional places that they've never visited within themselves. The room was very intense, emotions were high, and there wasn't a dry eye throughout the set. The actors begin to feel the shift and intensity that were released into the atmosphere.

The next drill was the Line Drill; this drill is where the character comes face to face to confront one another about what's happening in the scenes.

To end the day was another intense drill, Lights on Lights off. This drill is where two characters start off back to back, and when the lights are on, they portray themselves, and when the lights are off, they turn face to face and portray their characters. The room got pretty heated as characters were in raw form, spitting out toxic words and tapping into those deep emotions as they transformed into entirely different people. It was mind-blowing!

It was astounding to see Anntreece bring such deep emotions out of the actors and witness the transformation.

It was an intense, emotional, powerful, and very impactful two-day experience and the feedback was outstanding!

When asked what was their take-away from the experience, these were some of the responses.

"It was worth my time and every penny spent, I absolutely can't wait for the next one, and I encourage all aspiring actors to register for the next Bootcamp." LaCarissa Hampton

"Last week, I enjoyed spending time with the Cast Members from "B+LOCKED" I even braved it and participated in one of the exercises. It was awesome, and I loved it! If you missed THIS wave, don't worry get ready to catch the next one soon!!!?” LeVonne Terrie Wilhite Host of Walk the Talk Ministries

"Acting Bootcamp has developed me into becoming a great actress. The Bootcamp took me into a deep place within my emotions. When you're in character, and you find yourself tapping into or going to a place you never knew you could go to, it was life-changing!

This Bootcamp is an experience I will never forget." Sheronda Blanton

Don't fret if you missed it; oh, AJP is doing it again! Be on the lookout for registration coming soon, summer 2021. Trust me, you want to get registered! Oh, and did I mention the food! Don't get me started! Yes, AJP provided breakfast and lunch, Herbs Taste and See, put his foot in those street tacos! I called myself, trying to watch how much I eat. "Oh. I'll have two, please." Guess who was right back in line for two more? Ha! I'm just wondering when the Food Truck is coming! A dynamic duo, using their creativity to satisfy taste buds and the desire to act.

Hey, when it's in you, it's in you, and the proof is undoubtedly in the pudding with these two! As the scripture says, " A man's gift opens doors for him, and brings him before great men." Proverbs 18:16

AJP’s name is already in the wind and if you didn’t know, now you know! She’s walking in those God-given talents and soaring like a Lion! And this is only the beginning!

Photo Credit: Visuals by DorJaBa

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