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Is Love Enough

Love - an intense feeling of deep affection.

Do you remember saying, “I’m never going to give my heart to another man or woman again!” I will love myself and stay single forever! Ha, the things we say when we’re in a broken state of mind. Give it a little time, you’ll find yourself caught up and in love again.

How many have prayed to God for, “The One” Pulled your list out and went on and on. Make sure he or she has this, doesn’t have that, can do this, better not do that, knows God, works, has his or her own car, doesn't live at home with Mama, or anyone for that matter, doesn’t smoke, drink irresponsibly, and the list goes on...

Were you specific? Did you ask for someone that you can grow with? Someone that will love you through the good and the bad? Someone that doesn't just know God, but has a relationship with God? You know, the things we don't think about. I can testify that love comes easy, but keeping the love going takes work. We ask for a man or woman that will love us unconditionally, respect us, treat us right... etc, but what happens when we meet the side of them that's stuck in their past hurts? The one that's internally dealing with pain they can no longer hide? The one that truly doesn't know themselves? The insecure unsupportive one? Are you still wanting that one you can grow with? Are you going to be the one that's going to love through the good and the bad? Is love enough?

Verbal, physical, emotional abuse is unacceptable! But, what happens when love shows up? When love sincerely apologizes, when love says it can’t live without you? I'm sorry... please, don't leave. When love takes responsibility and admits its wrongs? Is love still enough?

What if it took all of that to get to what you think love is, but blinded by the hurt and pain that love delivered, you can no longer see love. All you see is the hurt, the pain, the humility, the shame, the embarrassment, that love love still enough?

What do you think about love when ... it has failed you, hurt you, left you, made you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed you, or stolen your identity? Is it still easy to love...?

Love shouldn’t, but love does... Is love enough...?

Photo Credit: JD Mason

Love is not what he/she thinks it should be, it's whatever works and feels right for you. It will hurt, it will bring you joy, but if overall it makes you happy, then fight for it.

Photo Credit: Fadi Xd

Love is not enough, it's not easy, it takes trust, constant communication, change/growth, support, maturity, strength, and so on... if you find the one you're willing to fight for and grow with, then create your own Love story, make it whatever the two of you need it to be.

Author Amara L. Russell

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