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Upitch for PR Professionals

Photo: Captured w/iPhone

I've been reviewing a few apps online that I believe would be beneficial for a PR professional and help with their day to day work. Although I found some very interesting apps, this one stood out the most for several reasons.

Upitch is an app that can be downloaded through your app store and used on your mobile device as well as online. It is a tool that allows a PR professional to pitch a story to journalists and reporters in the industry. I found this app to be very helpful for those offering press release services. With this app, you don't have to pursue different media outlets instead, they come to you. That alleviates a lot of frustration and waiting.

How this app works, you create a story using a provided template, then you pitch your story. Within minutes, journalist and reporters from all over the world receive your pitch and see how it can be beneficial to them. If interested, they then reach out to you through the app and the communication begins. If they like your pitch, they will accept it and release it through their media outlets. The two most amazing things about this app is one, that it’s FREE and the other, you don’t have to hope a journalist or reporter takes interest in your story, they come to you, not the other way around. That’s amazing! Can you imagine having journalist and reporters competing for your work? Mind blowing!

Photo: Szabo Viktor from Unsplash

Also, from what I researched the only fee required is for a PR professional to create the pitch for you, but you are the PR professional, so that service is definitely not needed. Overall, I honestly did not find anything bad about this app, it is a great tool to use and it’s very user-friendly. The ability to pitch your stories and communicate with industry professionals in a unique way from your iPhone, PC, and/or iPad is a convenient resource/tool for the everyday public relations professional. However, the only downfall is that it is currently only available for Apple devices.

Photo: Caputred w/iPhone

Using Upitch on the web offers the same features as the app, so there aren’t any differences between the platforms. Having researched similar PR apps, a lot of them do not offer the ease of use that Upitch does. My only suggestion would be that it had a template to create an actual press release in addition to the pitch, where a professional could go in and build their press and have it distributed directly from the site. That would put the icing on the cake! Way to go Upitch for developing a great tool for the everyday PR professional!


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