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Readers will meet Celeste, the novel’s startling wise, kind, smart, and inspirational main character, and will follow along with her as she navigates the ins and outs of growing up, all while her faith is tested through many challenges, pain, and suffering. Having lost her mother at the age of five, Celeste was raised by her father and three older brothers. Like many of us, Celeste suffers setbacks—tragedy, broken friendships, and discovering true love, to name a few—yet she learns from her mistakes and always overcomes, as she takes on life by being the light to those around her.

As readers explore, in depth, the challenges Celeste faces, women and men, both young and old alike, will find themselves smiling, laughing, and no doubt shedding a few tears. A Rare Diamond, is a life-changing and fulfilling read and is for anyone who needs the motivation to break through life’s setbacks and sadness to the other side—where it’s possible to discover how to truly connect with life’s experiences.

A Rare Diamond Volume I Shattered Dreams

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